Monday , October 23 2017
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Pinto Pastizzeria and Cafeteria

Cafeteria in San Gwann, Malta

Pinto Cafetteria and Pastizzeria in San Gwann serving coffee, tea, cakes, pastries, pastizzi, hot and cold drinks
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About Pinto Pastizzeria & Cafeteria in San Gwann Malta

Cafe Pinto is a cafeteria in the heart of San Gwann, it is situated near the church. It’s the cafe where you can get a fresh snack every day with variety of baguettes freshly made and ciabattas and lot more.

Parking no problem.

Contact Pinto Pastizzeria & Cafeteria in San Gwann

C: Jason Spiteri
T: 21373278
M: 79806269
A: Pinto Pastizzeria and Cafeteria, Misrah Lewza, San Gwann
H: Mon-Sat 7.00-20.00, Sun 7.00-13.00

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