Friday , November 24 2017
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D Floorman

D Floorman Professional Parquet Services, Malta

d floorman

About D Floorman Professional Parquet Services, Malta

D Floorman provides professional parquet installation for both commercial premises as well as homes, from small single room projects to large corporate offices or retail premises if you are looking for top quality parquet installations then you can rest assured that D Floorman is your best choice for such services.

D Floorman specialise in installation of both laminate and solid wood parquet flooring as well as repairs of existing parquet installations. All types and styles can be installed based on the clients requirements.


D Floorman has been working for a number of years in this industry able to provide high quality, timely and well crafted parquet installations and repairs, previous clients and installations are a testament to the high quality of work and attention to detail.

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D Floorman also provides great material at great prices, both laminate and solid wood parquet can be provided at excellent pricing, all needs taken care of from the acquisition of the material to installation and any remaining minor finishing that may be required by the client for a complete job and full satisfaction.

Contact D Floorman Professional Parquet Services, Malta

T: 99013972
C: Darren Schembri

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