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Businesses in: Sweets and Confectionery Items

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Looking for a confectioner to buy a cake to give to the host of a lunch or dinner? Or need that something sweet for teatime Sundays? Here on All Malta Online you will find the best confectioneries around.

JT Cakes

JT Cakes

Cakes in Malta About JT Cakes JT Cakes Design and Accessories JT Cakes have been in the cake designing business for quite a while. During this time, they have gained more than enough experience to be able to provide you with innovative and fun designs for your cake. Whether it’s fancy frosting, figures shaped out… Read More »

Paparukei Catering

Paparukei Catering

Founded in 1986 Paparukei is a catering service with one clear aim – creating a special event for you and your guests.
Taking care of all your catering headaches, whether for a small family party or a large-scale event such as a wedding.
Whatever the occasion, wherever the venue, you can rest assured that our expertise will guarantee a hassle free, top notch event.
Excellence, Customized , Genuinity, Innovation, Vision, Originality.. all makes part of our beliefs.

Choc au lait

Choc Au Lait

Choc au lait caters for all occasions and events. A few of the sweet and confectionery items include Gateaux, Pies, Diabetic Cakes, Birthday cakes, Figolli, Wedding cakes, Party food & more. Choc au lait also caters for other confectioneries & shops.

The Original Doony’s Doughnuts

The Origional Doony's Doughnuts

The Original Doony’s Doughnuts, made from real Belgian chocolate are a perfect and delicious treat all year round. They’re baked, not fried which makes them lighter, healthier & even tastier. Classic Doony’s flavours available are: Pinky, Party, Vanilla, Chocolate, White & Strawberry Multicoloured.

Chocoholic Confectionery

Chocoholic Confectionery

Chocoholic confectionery where you not only find cakes, sweets but bread from traditional Maltese bread to Baguettes. You can find everything you might require for your daily needs at Chocoholic Confectionery. You can also find a range of wines, beers and spirits, doughnuts, pastries, cakes and cream cakes, chocolates & a wide variety of ice creams.

Antoine Fenech Florist

Antoine Fenech florist 2

Antoine Fenech Florist is a family-run Nursery selling fresh flowers in Zabbar. Managing his nursery, Antoine Fenech offers fresh flowers and plants all seasons of the year at reasonable prices.

Passa Parola Ristorante

Passa Parola Ristorante

Passa Parola Restaurant is a family owned restaurant, specialising in Italian, Mediterranean Cuisine & Traditional Maltese Fenkata (Rabbit Stew). A few favourite dishes that their clientelle ask for include: Bragioli, Baked Pasta, Stuffed Marrows.

Ta’ Pavia Traditional Maltese Nougat, Qubbajt

Ta' Pavia Traditional Maltese Nougat, Qubbajt

So if you happen to be in Malta for your holidays we invite you to visit us Ta’ Pavia Traditional Maltese Nougat in towns & villages during their patron saint feast & taste our nougat for free. Specialist in Karamelli (Caramels) , Gulepp tal-Ħarrub (Carob Syrup), Qubbajt tradizzjonali tal-festi (traditonal nougat). Deliveries all over Malta & Gozo.