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Businesses in: Aluminium Works

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Looking to fix Aluminium windows, Insect Screens, Hand Rails? At All Malta Online we have a few businesses with the best Aluminium works around.



KMK Ltd specializes in Aluminium & PVC apertures. Aluminium works such as Aluminium Doors & Windows, Maltese Balconies, Skylights & Conservatories, Railings & more. PVC such as Sliding Doors & Windows,Main Panel Doors, Fixed Frames, Arch Opening Doors, Fences & more.

Friends Aluminium Works

Friends Aluminium Works

Friends Aluminum provides professional & quality work in Aluminium work. Offering Windows, Doors, Staircases, Tents, Canopies, Roofs – washrooms & much more. Friends Aluminium works also provides delivery & installation onsite.

Mike’s Aluminium

Mike's Aluminium

Mike’s Aluminium provides professional finished aluminium work to your specification and tastes. Aluminium Work done by Mike’s Aluminium such as Doors, Windows, Louvres, Balconies, Railings, Insect screens, Shower cubicles & much more. All Colours of aluminium are available.

JMA Aluminium Works

JMA Aluminium Works

JMA Aluminium works provides professional aluminium work such as Custom made Apertures, Skylights, Double-Glazed Apertures, Showers & Partitions, Maltese Balconies, Stairs & Handrails, Security Main Doors & much more.

C. Cassar Aluminium and Gypsum Works

C.Cassar Aluminium and Gypsum Works

Charles Cassar Aluminium and Gypsum Works are manufacturers of all kinds of aluminium that include Doors, Windows, Insect Screens, Louvres, Single & Double Glazing, Balconies & Railings, Skylights, Showers and much more. We also cater for all kinds of gypsum works such as Bulkheads, Soffits, Partitions, Wall lining, False ceiling, Coving and much more. We also do repairs, all colors available.

K & A Aluminium

K & A Aluminium

K & A Aluminium specialising in the manufacture of aluminium, offering the best choice of value, highest quality work and a friendly service. Offers Insect screens, Balconies, Balustrades, Handrails, Wrought iron, Double glazing, Apertures, Fixtures, Louvers, Art metal work. Aluminium works at excellent prices.

Guys Installations

Guys Installations in Qormi, specializing in gypsum installations as well as supplying & installing a wide range of Blinds & Soffits. So they are the GUYS to call first when you require any of these services.

Joevin and Sons Aluminium

With over 25 years of experience in all kind of aluminium works in all colours; double glazing, laminated and UV glass. round edge opening, trealco and export 60 sliding profiles and all kind of repairs.

JCD Aluminium Works & Woodwork

JCD Aluminium Works & Woodwork is an agent for aluminium products, manufacturer for housing requirements, apartments, blocks of apartments, offices, community places, government buildings & hotels.